Cheap car insurance for the academically minded

A long time ago, there was British Prime Minister called Disraeli and he came up with the now often quoted line, "The are lies, damn lies — and statistics" (ignore those who want Mark Twain to have been the first to say it). The next step in this carefully constructed argument points to the admission routinely made by the insurance industry that it relies on statistics when setting the premium rates. There are rooms full of actuaries who wield their quill pens with great determination, always on the look-out for data to support broad general statements about which drivers will make claims and which will go through their lives without ever asking for any of their premium payments back. So here comes one of their statements. Those people who have a high GPA and progress further in our great education system are less likely to be involved in accidents. Put another way: clever people follow the rules and avoid problems while less intelligent people have little interest in doing well at anything and cause more accidents.

Wow! Yes, this is discrimination based on brain power. It seems these actuary wonks have persuaded the insurers that all the people who only get a high school education should pay more to drive than those who get a bachelor's degree. Or, if you prefer: the people who spend years studying, picking up multiple degrees and postgraduate qualifications, i.e. like all the credentials to become an actuary, should get cheap car insurance — a little bit of self-interest creeping in there. But, unfortunately, the statistics (which never lie) do seem to back up this strange assertion. People who have the best academic track records make fewer claims than those who do badly in education terms.

Obviously, if you are now a senior, it's a little late. But, if you are reading this as a teen, you have a window of opportunity. Start working harder in your studies and improve your grade point average (GPA). With a good GPA and SAT score, you can progress to a degree and cheap car insurance.